Excel Plugin

The "doForms Excel Add-in" is a special addition to Excel that allows it to directly download doForms data into a worksheet on your PC. This means that you can set-up a worksheet to download doForms data, save the worksheet, then update the doForms data from time-to-time by pressing just one button. The worksheet can be used by itself, or to populate calculations and charts in other Excel worksheets.

Currently supported for Windows PC only, the Excel Add-in is a Beta, meaning that it is not guaranteed to work flawlessly. If you encounter problems, please report them to support@doforms.com.
This beta version is FREE for PAID ACCOUNTS ONLY.


The excel plugin is supported on the windows platform using Excel 2010 or newer.

Using the Plug-in

Open Excel and start a new worksheet. You will find the doForms Add-in at the top-right of the Home ribbon. Connect-1

Start by selecting “Connect”. You will be prompted to log in to a doForms account.

Connect 2

Next, you will be prompted to select a project and form to synchronize. Once you make this selection, the worksheet will be associated with the project/form every time you open it. Connect 3

Next, you will be prompted to select settings. We recommend using the default settings. You can adjust these setting at any time up until the point when you do the first synchronization. After synchronizing, the setting will be locked for this worksheet. Connect 4

Finally, press the Synchronize button. The data will be synchronized from doForms to your worksheet. Note the status bar at the bottom which provides useful information. Connect 5

Save and Synchronize Later

You can then save the Excel file, open it later, and press synchronize again to update it.

Note again that after the initial synchronization you will not be able to change the project/form or settings. These will remain associated with this worksheet. If you need to change the project/form or settings, simply start a new worksheet or Excel document.

Download and Install

Download the Excel Add-in and follow installation instructions. You will need to install the Add-in on the same Windows PC as Excel (Mac version not available).

Connection Problems - Network Firewall Issues

If you experience a problem connecting the the Excel Add-in to your doForms account with the message "Failed to connect with server" (or similar), then your company's network firewall may be preventing the connection. Please contact your IT department and request that they open the firewall to the following URL's:

  • http://mydoforms.appspot.com
  • http://wss.mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com
  • http://wssbe.mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com
  • http://www.mydoforms.com
  • https://mydoforms.appspot.com
  • https://mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com
  • https://mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com
  • https://wssbe-dot-mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com
  • https://wss-dot-mydoforms-hrd.appspot.com

If you continue to have problems then please contact support@doforms.com.