Template Library

doForms provides a Public Forms Library, which allows you to select pre-made forms that can be used directly in your projects, or used as foundation for further customization.

To date, the Forms Library contains over 600 forms that have been contributed by users like you.

Accessing / Using a Public Form

To open a form from the Public Library, from the Build Forms tab:

  1. Click the File > Open... menu.
    Open File / Select form from the doForms Public Libary

  2. Click on the small link entitled Select a form from the doForms Public Library will appear at the bottom of the screen. Open Form / Select form from the doForms Public Libary

  3. Click search

  4. Select the form you want the press Open.

The form will open in the form builder menu.

Contributing a Form to the Library

You may also contribute a form to the Public Forms Library.

To do this:

  1. open the Published form that you wish to contribute in the Build Forms tab.
  2. Under the file menu, select Make Form Public. Your form must already be published to reach this step.
  3. Fill out the dialogue box with descriptive information on your form.
  4. Save.

Note that all forms submitted for inclusion in the Public Forms Library must first be reviewed and approved by the doForms editorial staff. They will reject your form if it contains content deemed inappropriate, or is too narrow in scope or purpose. They also have the right to make some changes in your form before publishing it in the library.

Open a Form from the Template Library

The “Template Library” is a place where doForms Mobile Forms Consultants (MFCs) post official doForms forms.
You can use these forms directly, or as starting points for customization. To open a form from the Template Library, click the Template button.