Button Grid

A Button Grid is a container that is used to position Action Buttons in a row or grid. (If Action Buttons are inserted into a form without being placed into a Button Grid, they are arranged vertically, one button per line.) The image below shows an example of a button grid arranged in two columns, with a label above it:

Layout Grid Example 2

A Button Grid may be used to create a toolbar for particular actions, or for conditional data entry on the forms (see Only display this question if below.)


Grid label: This is the caption that appears above the Button Grid.

Data name: Because this is a required field, doForms will default the Data name to match the Caption or Label. If these are blank, doForms will generate a generic Data name name with a sequential number (such as "untitled10"). Since it is used throughout the system, it is recommended that you enter a descriptive Data name that is easily identifiable. Nondescript Data names are difficult to find and select at a later time (e.g., when performing a calculation).

Number of columns: This denotes the number of columns in the grid (where the Action Buttons will be placed).

Justification: Allows you to apply text justification settings to certain elements of the tool. Choose the appropriate radio button for the Caption field as follows:

  • L: Left-justifies the text.

  • C: Center-justifies the text.

  • R: Right-justifies the text.

Remove space: Enables you to remove the space before and/or after the grid.


Only display this question if
This is a very powerful option as it allows you to hide form elements, only exposing them if the answer to a question in your form meets the criteria you have set. Being able to hide fields unless they are needed makes form more user friendly. For example, if you have a Choose One question with the answers Yes and No, then you can say "Only display this form element if" the answer to the Choose One is "equal" to "Yes." You can combine criteria with other criteria, thus creating complex criteria for showing/hiding form elements.

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